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Thunder God

Thunder God is in the second position as per the views and popularity. The movie has 58 k views on YouTube, and has received a lot of positive comments. It was published on 29th July 2018 on TWI nation TV.  If you are a lover of African movies, then you should definitely watch this film starring Bernard Nyarko, Collins Oteng, and Christiana Awuni.

The movie was one of the best Twi films of 2018 and it has received a lot of positive comment. It was produced by Sawudi GH Multimedia and Krupps Productions, and was directed by Divine Jones. Eman Sinare, the executive producer of the film, showed his creativity in this movie.

Nkansah Gyae Mason

This comedy movie was edited by Nana Kwame Ishmael (Nakay) and produced by Richard Agyei Boakye (Dee Bee). Part one of the movie has over 90 k views on YouTube – all with positive comments.

Are There Free Ghanaian Movies To Watch?

Now you can easily watch Ghanaian movies from the comfort of your mobile device – anywhere and anytime. There are sites where you can download and watch African films such as Nigerian and Ghanaian films for free.

Apart from YouTube, Netflix, and Ghana Twi movies, these sites allow you to stream and watch for free, although it is best to stick to sites that you know and trust. These websites will not only support the industry, but will also help to prevent you from leading to malicious websites that may be harmful to your devices. Here is a list of trusted sites from where you can download Ghanaian movies. Most of these sites are devoid of spam and click baits, and contain top-notch Ghanaian blockbuster movies for free:

Ghana movies 2019

The vast Ghallywood industry has given us a countless number of the latest Ghanaian movies that are no doubt worthy of some credit. Here are some of 2019’s latest Ghanaian movies that are making headway in the Ghana cinema scene:

Ghallywood movies are not only entertaining to watch, but also bring out the cultural aspects of life in Ghana. From romantic dramas to traditional tales of blessings and curses, there is something for the whole family. Today, Nigerian movies and Ghanaian movies are experiencing an upsurge in business online.

Throughout the challenges facing the movies throughout the years, the actors, actresses, and the directors held the fort and weathered the storms that blew against the film making industry, and today it is one of the fastest growing industries of all time. Nigerian and Ghanaian movies are indeed paving the way for the African film industry.




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