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Best Teen Movies 2019 – Movies We Are Excited For Next Year


Teen movies are starting to take over the box office and 2019 is sure to include some massive hits. Whether you’re looking for a new teen romance film or prefer to go the superhero route, there’s something here for everyone.

Here are the best teen movies of 2019…

The Kid Who Would Be King

Alex is a shy, lonely kid, but his life changes when he removes the sword Excalibur and becomes the next person to follow in the footsteps of King Arthur and lead the Round Table. With the help of Merlin, Alex discovers the hidden strength he has within him while discovering a way to defeat Morgana.

Release date: January 25

Happy Death Day 2U

Two years after the original film, Tree finds herself stuck in another time loop, this time with a new killer who is set out on killing her and her friends. She must survive and discover who is behind the mask, before it’s too late and everyone else is dead for good.

Release date: February 14

Stella and Will are two cystic fibrosis patients who are being treated in the same hospital. After meeting and starting a relationship together, they begin to put their love and health to the test when they try to do something that no two cystic fibrosis patients should ever do: stand five feet apart from each other.

Release date: March 22

While riding the subway, Billy Bastion finds himself transported to another dimension where he gets the power to turn into an adult man with superpowers by just saying the word “shazam.” He soon has to find a way to use his new powers, while also protecting his city.

Release date: April 5

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Former trainer Tim Goodman moves to Rhyme City in hopes of figuring out the mystery surrounding his father’s death. He ends up meeting a Detective Pikachu, who was also his father’s old partner, who soon finds out that there’s a bigger threat behind everything.

Release date: May 10

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Based on the YA novel of the same name, in her final day in NYC, Natasha tries to find a way to stay in the United States before she and her family are deported. She meets Daniel, who is on his way to a Yale admissions interview and wishes to become a poet instead of a doctor. The two of them soon fall in love and try to spend as much time together but it runs out and they have to say goodbye for good.

Release date: May 17

A remake of the original Disney animated film, Aladdin follows the title character who constantly wishes for more in his life. When he discovers a genie who is stuck in a lamp and villain Jafar’s plan to take over the kingdom of Agrabah, he becomes the unlikely hero that his land needs with the help of his magic carpet and Princess Jasmine.

Release date: May 24, 2019

Based on the series of the same name, Artemis Fowl is a young criminal genius who discovers the secret underground world of fairies. Using his knowledge and his skills, he sets off on a mission to try to rob them and restore his family’s fortune.

Release date: August 9

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