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Best of 2018: Movies | MEMORANDUM


As convenient as it is to have an entire world of streaming entertainment literally no further than our couch, sometimes it’s just nice to go to the movies, you know?  Continuing on with our Best of 2018 series, you guys were into all sorts of movies this year.  Below, the genre-spanning favorites you shared with me, which just so happens to include many of my favorites as well.  Now, I’ll just patiently wait here for all of them to be released to stream online. *Twiddles thumbs.*

When a film’s soundtrack generates as much buzz as the movie itself, I’m paying attention. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper lit up the screen for a couple hours worth of feels that essentially everyone needs to see. And you never have to tell anyone how hard you cried or how many times you’ve listened to “Shallow” afterward. That’s your business.

I think this movie got us all through our holiday flight schedules this year, I really do. Seriously how many times have you watched this on a plane since November? This absolutely essential rom-com is one of 2018’s best moments, with an ensemble cast I can’t wait to see in so many more films. Have they started filming Crazy Rich Asians 2 yet?  Can we potentially have a spin-off movie that’s literally just Peik Lin being ridiculous?  

I live for a good biopic, and this one covering Queen and Freddie Mercury (played by Rami Malek of Mr. Robot fame), is one I’ve really been waiting for. I didn’t get a chance to catch it amid holiday madness, but it’s 100% happening on some cold, unfortunately gross day this winter. Epic soundtrack, but like… duh.

I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS how fabulous this movie is, so I was thrilled to see it come through in your recommendations as well. If you haven’t, go see it, go see it now. So delightful, entertaining, and nostalgic without feeling like a painful remake. Emily Blunt was practically perfect in every way. (I had to.)

Fans of superhero movies will no doubt have seen this more than once. More than five times actually. Absolutely epic, a visual delight, with easily one of the best casts ever assembled.  Also Chadwick Boseman has the best style so please follow him on Instagram.  Fingers crossed Shuri gets her own movie, just a thought…

The superhero franchise to end all superhero franchises, Avengers, Infinity War brought together the most epic ensemble of attractive people I mean superhumans ever assembled. I haven’t seen this one yet, but SO many of you recommended it and claimed that the ending leaves a lot on the table, namely confusion and anger, so maybe I’ll just wait until the next film in the lineup premiers this spring, to catch up on all.

Those in the Pottersphere will have been delighted by the release of the 2nd chapter in the Fantastic Beasts series. I haven’t yet indulged, but those of you into the Wizarding World seem to think I should. I’ll take your advice. Also it stars Eddie Redmayne so… I have no excuse not to watch this asap.  I also kind of really want to re-read the entire HP series since I haven’t read it since middle school. *Adds to top of to-do list.*

Want to have raging anxiety for two hours? Great! Watch this film. In all seriousness, this next M.I. installment was so over the top in terms of suspense and action, you really aren’t ready for it. You’re thinking… what is this like the fifth move in the franchise or something? I can handle it. And then it starts and you’re like WHOA OKAY I GUESS THEY MEAN IT. Not for the timid, but wildly entertaining.

For a good month there it was impossible to open a laptop or social media app without hearing someone rave about this movie. While I still haven’t seen it, you guys have raved about it and so have basically all of my best friends.  The reviews about this high school romance (when’s the last time you said that phrase?) are so enthusiastic that it might need to make it into streaming rotation in the new year.


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