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What You Need to Know About California Peonies


We likely don’t need to tell you how excited you should be about peonies: a classic spring bud, they’ve been gracing wedding aisles for years. Even if you don’t have a wedding to plan, a peony corsage makes a lovely selection for fresh blooms, adding a spring pop to any room. When peony season comes around, who isn’t on the lookout for fresh-cut peonies for sale? But did you know California is home to its very own wild peony species? That’s right- the California peony, or paeonia californica, is a perennial native to the Golden State. For the first half of every year, you can see these striking blooms in chaparrals, meadows, and ridges across California. All About the California Peony In classic California fashion, the California peony is one-of-a-kind. Next to traditional peonies- which we still love, of course!- this West Coast native looks like the floral embodiment of a tasteful, darkly glamorous Old Hollywood movie star. While it can be difficult to place in the wild from afar, once you notice its deep red hue, bright yellow center, and signature downward curve, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Beyond its […]

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