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This Game Engine Might Have Finally Achieved Photorealism


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I remember when the spire of video game graphics was a blocky Link staring up at the sun defining on a patchwork sky in Ocarina of Time, but we’ve come pretty damn far in the past two decades.

You merely need to look at Epic Game’s recent GDC showcase for proof on where we’re at now. The company indicated off a pair of genuinely stunning demos that were created using the the popular Unreal Engine, and while the issue is brief looks, it’s exciting to see how much closer to photorealistic graphics we are these days.

The first demo is called Rebirth, and was designed by a studio called Quixel. It showcases an incredibly detailed barrens terrain that’s pretty much indistinguishable from real life, save for a couple of moody sci-fi touches. Check it out below.

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