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Jana Duggar Is Basically a Slave to Her Parents


Is there anything Jana Duggar can’t do ?!

She is a “Jana of all trades” as dubbed by her sister Jessa.

And if you are an avid Counting On fan, you already know she is the ringleader of the Duggar family circus with her can-do attitude and devotion to her 18 other siblings.

Jana Duggar on Instagram

Although her expertise remains at the Duggar family home in Arkansas, fans are eagerly waiting for Jana to have a spinoff show centered around her many talents!

Cooking, repair work, home decoration, nannying … the possibilities are endless!

Jana is often noted as the one who really raises the remaining Duggar infants, including helping out with her sisters’ kids.

Holding a newborn while juggling a million other tasks is no problem for this big sis.

Jana Duggar: Counting On!

Her years of experience are enough to land her probably any undertaking in the world when it comes to childcare.

It’s not like she truly had a selection, though, she was pretty much forced at a young age to care for her multiplying sibs.

Yeah, her bottle-feeding abilities are nothing to mess around with.

Jana Duggar and Israel Dillard

But Jana doesn’t draw the line at all things baby, she is also the go-to-girl for all of her sister’s home decoration requires, according to InTouch Weekly.

She totally transformed their own families backyard from shab to fab, in proper Joanna Gaines fashion.

Could she be the next HGTV star? It’s not unlikely.

Especially when considering her mad gardening skills!

Jana Duggar: Engagement Ring Pic!

She knows how to set an army of small children to work and even cousins as small as Izzy and Spurgeon have mastered the seed planting technique.

Oh and she creates chickens too, because why not?

She made an adorable chicken coop with a sign that read “Chick Inn.” Yes, the 29 -year-olds get jokes.

And while the chickens astonishingly haven’t gained too much screen period on the family’s TLC show, you can check out the farm animals in one the show’s webisodes.

Jana Duggar on TLC

The household often teases that Lowe’s is Jana’s second home due to all of the home improvement work she takes on.

Maybe she will ultimately consider moving in?

At least she would ultimately have her own bedroom.

Whether it’s decorating their front gate with festive Christmas wreaths, or building a fall pumpkin display in the front yard, her passion projects are clearly her escape from the over-crowded and likely pretty loud household.

Jana Duggar Wedding Day Photo

Of course, Jana doesn’t only expend her period on Pinterest looking up her next DIY project. She also remains busy by being an exceptional cook!

A cook for about two dozen people, intellect you.

And she even teaches! On one episode she taught her little siblings, nieces, and nephews how to induce pizza, which for any normal person would look like a stressful situation, but Jana stimulated it look like a piece of cake!

Which she probably whipped up after.

Jana Duggar Cooking Class

Jana is just one heck of an event planner.

Not only did she and her BFF Laura DeMasie plan her friend John’s entire bridal, but she’s also hosted many parties for the whole fam throughout the years, including the frequent movie nights in the garden.

What about musical talent? Yeah, she’s get that too!

Jana Duggar, Israel Dillard Piano Lesson Photo

Mastering some Beethoven on the piano with a newborn in her lap is no big deal.

She even plays the violin and the harp. Yes, a harp.

Usually, people are either gifted with an ear for music or a steady hand for drawing, but not this lady.

She recently indicated off her watercolour abilities while teaching her nephew Marcus how to depict a frog, because he loves frogs, and well — it was a pretty good appearing frog.

Jana Duggar on TLC Pic

Ok, anyone else feeling fairly talentless right about now?

I’m going to stop listing off the many styles in which Jana Duggar is better than all of us.

And for the fans who often wonder why Jana is the only Duggar not in a rush to get married or pop out babies, well here are her explanations.

She’s a one-woman show, people!

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