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Every Death In Avengers: Infinity War (Permanent And Temporary)


This may come as super surprising news to some folks, but a lot of people die in Avengers: Infinity War. So many people( and one talking tree) die in fact that it may be hard to keep track of who precisely bit the dust. However, if rumors turn out to be truethen Avengers: Endgamewill have what remains of earth’s mightiest heroes attempting to reverse the wrath of Thanos. With Endgame coming to theaters really soon , now would be the perfect time to see who both permanently and temporarily died in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Check out the listing to find out!

20 Doctor Strange – Temporary

The world’s hunkiest master of the mystique arts didn’t survive the desolation of Thanos( See what we did there? … It’s a Hobbit reference ). Aside from known that Doctor Strange will star in his own sequel, he’ll also most likely live to insure another day due to the fact that he’s the only guy qualified enough to handle the time stone.

1 9 Ebony Maw – Permanent

Last time people checked, anybody who requires oxygen to live will die in space. We don’t think Ebony Maw is returning. He literally and immediately turned into somebody’s frozen granddad when he floated off into the Milky Way.

1 8 Maira Hill – Temporary

Robin from How I Met Your Mother may have survived the snap, but her twin Maria Hill most definitely did not. The poor lady fulfilled her dusty fate while driving in New York City.

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If fan hypothesis are correct, then she’ll be back in Avengers: Endgame after our heroes reverse the snap.

1 7 Nick Fury – Temporary

I have had it with these mom f @%#* snaps with this mother f @%#* gauntlet! Unfortunately, Nick Fury happened to be riding shotgun with Maria Hill as they both turned into dust bunnies. Don’t worry, he’ll most likely be back. Simple genocide can’t maintain Nick down.

1 6 Spider-Man – Temporary

Was there any line in 2018 as heart wrenchingly memorable as, “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” If anyone has find Infinity War, chances are they’ll never forget Spidey being dusted. However, the character will next appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Since the sequel has been confirmed to take place after the events in Endgame, it’s safe be concluded that the wall crawler’s demise is short lived.

1 5 Star-Lord – Temporary

It’s okay, we can all go ahead and blamed Star-Lord for letting Thanos wipe out half of the universe. Maybe his fate in Infinity War was a example of bad karma. Either way, Star-Lord will be back. The Avengers will probably reverse the snap just in time for him to be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

1 4 Drax – Temporary

Thanos has done our boy Drax so dirty. First the mad purple titan kills the guy’s family and then Drax himself years later ?! Come on! Drax was part of the snap, so it’s almost certain that he will return after the proposed hour traveling parts in Endgame.

1 3 Mantis – Temporary

Not one, but two heroes with bug based powers didn’t make it out alive! The telepathic Mantis was sadly one of the many Guardians that faded away. But, there’s hope. If the rest of the Protector are set to return, then she will be as well.

1 2 Falcon – Temporary

Why couldn’t Thanos spare people without actual superpowers? It just seems so cold. Poor Falcon, all he has are government issued wings that attach to a JanSport backpack. How is that fair? Fear not, he’ll be back. Maybe with actual wings sprouting from his back this time. Actually never mind, that’s horrifying to imagine.

1 1 Scarlet Witch – Temporary

Perhaps Thanos eliminated Scarlet Witch from being frustrated with the fact that he can’t ever figure out if she has an American or Russian accent. We are kidding of course and must confess that we love Elizabeth Olsen as the character. The phase is that Scarlet Witch didn’t survive, but will somehow be resurrected for a potential television indicate on Disney +.

1 0 Groot – Temporary

Is there anything worse than watching teenage Groot turn into ash? Likely not. Guaranteed, Groot will be the first person Rocket will want to bring back when The Avengers fight Thanos in the next movie.

9 Black Panther – Temporary

Black Panther’s death is arguably the most heart-breaking part of Infinity War’s finale. The reversal where the audience believes Okoye is about to die, but ultimately lives is an awesome example of blockbuster filmmaking taking risks without being pretentious. And oh, yeah. Black Panther will return. Who are we kidding?

8 Bucky Barnes – Temporary

Again, couldn’t Thanos have attained exceptions for certain people? Bucky Barnes has only one limb that can do cool stuff for crying out loud. However, Bucky’s death is most likely temporary. If the comic books have anything to say on the matter then he may even take over the Captain America mantle should Steve Rogers exit the MCU after Endgame.

7 Cull Obsidian – Permanent

Cull Obsidion was the giant doofus who acted as the muscle for Thanos’ Black Order. Patently Obsidian didn’t have enough muscle to take on a Hulk Buster. This guy is deader than dead and has zero the possibilities of ever being un-dead.

6 Proxima Midnight – Permanent

Let’s get real. Proxima Midnight never stood a chance against the other tough ladies in Infinity War. Scarlet Witch crushed Midnight like a cockroach and there’s very few reason she’ll come back.

5 The Vision – Permanent ???

The Vision’s death is ridiculously brutal. Thanos simply flings the crimson humanoid to the side like a rag doll. Although Vision’s death wasn’t part of the snap, there’s definitely hope for his return considering the character might be joining Scarlet Witch in a rumored Disney+ series.

4 Corvus Glaive – Permanent

The Vision doesn’t catch a lot of breaches in this movie except for when he triumphs over Corvus Glaive. For this reason alone it should go without saying that Glaive will forever be six feet under.

3 Gamora – Permanent ???

Gamora’s sacrifice must’ve been really powerful if it could even make a giant purple foreigner cry. Although her demise appears to be the real bargain, there are rumors swirling around that her spirit might be caught in the spirit stone.

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Hopefully she’ll be set free in Endgame.

2 Heimdall – Permanent

The fact that everyone loved Heimdall is what induced his death so crippling. He was like that friend who always came in clutch when someone didn’t have enough gas money to go to the grocery store( or a bridge to another dimension ). Also, Idris Elba has confirmed his MCU contract is up. So that’s that.

1 Loki – Permanent ???

After becoming a straight up anti-hero in Thor: Ragnarok, it was difficult to see Loki meet his demise at the start of Infinity War. Reversing his death in the next film would arguably decrease the impact of his sacrifice. However, a Loki television show has been confirmed for Disney +. Only hour will tell if this is a prequel or sequel show.

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