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Desperately Seeking Seekins


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Walking into a well-stocked handgun shop these days with the intention of selecting a new AR-1 5 to purchase is nearly akin to walking into Baskin-Robbins wanting something besides vanilla or chocolate. Just too many flavors, too many sprinkles, too many add-ons, and then whether to go with a cup or a cone. Decisions, decisions.

With this goal in intellect then, let me recommend you seek out Seekins Precision. Seekins is not readily a household name even among hip line gun people and shooters, but trust me it is going to be. So, start your desperate search by trying out this company in Idaho at www.seekinsprecision.com.

So, why a company with a curious name? Several reasons, but chief among them is the story of Glen Seekins having risen from his Alaskan heritage and a desire to achieve something perfect, i.e. precise, or precision, hence Seekins Precision. As Robert Duvall said in the movie Apocalypse Now, “I love when a plan comes together, ” or something of that nature. Seekins’ plan came together.

And his own destiny in the rifle building business come back here something as simple as violated scope rings on a deer hunt back in 2004. So, he built his own proprietary scope rings to withstand the rigours of hunting in Idaho and thus began his creation of a machine shop with one mission in mind. That was the precision manufacturing of rifle components and eventually a complete line of rifles, lowers, uppers, scope rings, mounts, bolt rifle components, and accessories. The remainder of his history continues to be in create. That, with the dedicated help of his wife, Katie.

So, today Seekins Precision is in a new production facility in Lewiston, Idaho constructing rifles and stuff. They now have their own line of accuracy bolt action rifles aptly named the Havak. You simply gotta love that. Here I refer you back to their web site for the full details. Now, understand, these are not inexpensive rifles, “because theres” accuracy built to order. Check out the Havak Pro and the Havak Pro Hunter.

Turning to AR platforms Seekins’ selection is both broad and refined. So far, they have nine models varying in formats and features. The purchaser picks what he wants, and the rifle is stimulated. His AR prices are within the margins of upper aim accuracy products, but affordable. Study their web site, call and ask questions. Then buy one of the best rifles being made today.

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